Here’s How NAVIGATE Works:

When individuals are enrolled in the program, they and their families first meet with the Program Director, who explains the program and answers any of their questions.  The program director then introduces them to the other team members, and first appointments are set up with each of them.   The individual then begins to work with the prescriber to evaluate the role of medication, with the Individual Resiliency Trainer (IRT) to promote individual resiliency by enhancing illness management and building strengths, with the Family Education (FE) clinician to learn how to work together as a family to support the individual’s recovery, and with the Supported Employment and Education (SEE) specialist to pursue employment and educational goals.

On average, individuals and families usually work closely (e.g., weekly) with one of more members of the team for 6 to 12 months, followed by less frequent services (e.g., monthly for 12-18 months.  After two years, the team, the individual and his or her family usually work together to decide on the next best steps to continue their recovery.   Some individuals stay with the NAVIGATE team at the same levels or a less intensive basis (e.g., monthly check-ins), some transfer treatment to a non-NAVIGATE team, and others may no longer be involved in treatment.

NAVIGATE is a team-based approach, including the following members:

  • Program director, who educates the community, recruits individuals who have begun to experience psychosis, and leads the team.
  • Prescriber, trained in using low doses of medications and addressing special issues of clients with first episode psychosis
  • Individual Resiliency Trainer (IRT), who helps individuals identify and work towards their goals, teaching them strategies and skills to build their resiliency in coping with psychosis while staying on track with their lives
  • Family Education (FE) Clinician, who helps the whole family learn about psychosis and how to manage it, and also how to support each other and build family resiliency
  • Supported Employment and Education (SEE) Specialist, who helps people identify and achieve their educational and/or employment goals
  • Case Management, provided either by a separate case manager or by a specified NAVIGATE team member

Initial Consultation

If you are interested in exploring implementing NAVIGATE at your agency or in your state, we offer a free one hour phone consultation.  You can set one up by e-mailing Susan Gingerich by clicking the Contact Us button below.

Susan has worked with individuals with mental illness and their families for over 30 years, and for the past 18 years has also provided training and consultation for mental health professionals.  She has worked with the NAVIGATE program since its inception. Susan has five years of experience working with multiple NAVIGATE sites across the U.S.

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