Susan Gingerich, MSW

  • NAVIGATE Training Coordinator
  • 14 Schiller Avenue
  • Narberth, PA 19072
  • Phone: (610) 667-1038
  • Phone: (610) 505-4247
  • Email:

Susan Gingerich, MSW, is based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the training coordinator for the NAVIGATE First Episode Psychosis Treatment Program and has participated in NAVIGATE training in 14 states. Her research interests include Social Skills training, Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), Family Psychoeducation, and strategies for using technology to aid mental health recovery. Susan is the co-author with Kim Mueser of five books: Coping with Schizophrenia, Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia, The Coping Skills Group, The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia and Illness Management, and Recovery: Personalized Skills and Strategies for Those with Mental Illness.

Shirley M. Glynn, Ph.D.

  • Research Psychologist
  • Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA
  • 100 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 236
  • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • Phone: (805) 495-8984
  • Email:

Dr. Shirley M. Glynn is a licensed clinical psychologist in California who received her Ph.D. in clinical/social psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She joined the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences to begin a program of research on psychosocial interventions in 1989. This research continues, and is grounded in the critical importance of the family environment in recovery from psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar illness. Her work has involved being principal or co-principal investigator on NIMH and VA funded studies examining the benefits of behavioral family therapy in schizophrenia, combat-related PTSD, and consumers with serious psychiatric disorders and co-occurring substance use disorders, as well as testing innovative strategies to involve families in the care of their loved ones with psychiatric illnesses. Dr. Glynn also works with VA Mental Health Services developing policy and implementing national trainings to help VA clinicians partner more effectively with the families of Veterans with psychiatric illnesses, including PTSD and comorbid substance use disorders. Dr. Glynn oversaw the group responsible for the development and implementation of the family component of the Zucker Hillside Early Treatment team (John Kane, PI) funded by the NIMH RAISE (Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode) project, and has conducted much of the supported employment and education training in the NAVIGATE component of the work. She has over 125 scientific publications.

Piper Meyer-Kalos, Ph.D., LP

Piper Meyer-Kalos, Ph.D., LP is the Executive Director for the Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health (MNCAMH). Dr. Meyer-Kalos specializes in working with persons with serious mental illness and first episode psychosis. Her current research includes two projects in Minnesota examining integrated treatment and training programs for persons with mental health, substance abuse, and chronic health problems. Dr. Meyer-Kalos has been awarded an NIMH grant to develop a positive psychology/mindfulness based intervention to reduce stress reactivity in persons with first episode psychosis. Since 2009, she has been part of the psychosocial development team of the Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode (RAISE) project and has co-led the development of the individual therapy component (Individual Resiliency Training).